Passion for science

How can we save energy? What is a Kilowatt-hour? What is ionising radiation? There are many questions around energy and, more specifically, nuclear energy.


ANAV’s Information Centre is an interactive space where answers can be found and new questions can be raised.

“Interacting, touching and playing are mandatory”


ANAV’s Information Centre is a space designed to broaden people’s knowledge about energy in a playful way, through experimentation. The learning offering is the result of work carried out by a multidisciplinary team led by Manuel Toharia, the Director of the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, in Valencia. It has been set up as an open, live, adaptable and dynamic space. A place to accommodate, display and explain, in line with other science outreach centres in Europe. Interacting, touching and playing are basic premises.

The building, which received the 2012 International Architectural Award, enables the visitor to discover and broaden their knowledge of topics such as electromagnetic waves, ionising radiation, infrared or X rays. Furthermore, it teaches which are the main types of industrial waste and how are they managed, as well as the keys to energy efficiency. For aspects focused on nuclear energy, the Centre explains how a plant works, how fuel is manufactured and you can even experiment what it is like to work in the control room, the brain of the facility..



ANAV’s Information Centre is designed to be suitable for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Secondary education students, university students, groups… The scientific content is presented in an interesting and attractive way, to stimulate new questions and encourage the need to continue discovering.





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