Excellence and continuous improvement

Investment, development of new projects and research and international cooperation are fundamental to the continuous improvement of the Ascó and Vandellós nuclear power plants.

Only by anticipating and installing the best technologies available, can ANAV and the society at large be guaranteed the safe, reliable and long-term operation of the facilities.

International experience demonstrates that appropriately managing the equipment and systems provides sufficient warranties for the nuclear power plants to continue operating safely. In fact, there has been a constant renewal of components and improvement of procedures at Ascó and Vandellós II since both nuclear power plants began operating in the eighties. Thanks to these actions, that have required the investment of millions of Euros, the plants are in optimum operational condition.

Thus, not only have very significant elements that were part of the original design been renewed, such as the reactor vessel heads, the steam generators, the plant computer systems or the transformers, but new systems have been installed to increase the safety and reliability of the facilities.


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Nuclear in optimal state


The question is not what we do, but how we do it



For Vandellós II, a particularly emblematic example is the new freshwater cooling system, which is independent from the seawater system. At the Ascó site, a temporary fuel storage facility has been implemented to house spent fuel from both nuclear units.

The question for ANAV is not what we do, but how we do it. Many answers can be found in the operating experience of plants from the same generation that have already successfully implemented similar innovation processes. ANAV continuously exchanges information with these plants. Nowadays, ANAV maintains an annual investment rate of nearly 40 million Euros per production unit.

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