Safety comes first

Safety is paramount. For this reason, exercising its responsability, ANAV strikes to minimise risks in all aspects of the operation.

The objective is to guarantee the integrity of the facilities and the processes that take place, as well as that of the workers, whose training is largely focused on aspects related to safety.

In fact, Safety is a central and fundamental concept in ANAV’s industrial culture, and it encompasses all activities, from the design of the plant to the deployment of its relationships with the surrounding area.

For ANAV, Safety is a Whole that encompasses all the work needed to guarantee the nuclear safety of the facilities, the radiological safety of the people, the industrial safety, the environmental safety of the area around the plant, the security of the facilities and cybersecurity.

“We all want to feel safe in our home”


Due to the fact that in some areas of the facilities radiation is generated, nuclear power plants are designed under the defence-in-depth concept. The integrity of people and the environment is the top priority and, for this reason, a series of protection barriers and detailed control systems are established. These are taken into account both during the design and construction of the plants and during their operation. This is what is known as defence in depth.

On the basis of a reliable design and technology, Ascó and Vandellós II plants have developed a comprehensive industrial safety, control, supervision and personnel training programme on risks that is the result of many years of improvements, which contributes to the quality of the operation.

These are the set of control and protection systems that guarantee the safe operation of the plants since their design. Particularly relevant are the control rods that are inserted into the core in order to shut down the reactor. Another very important system is the engineered safety features and the cooling equipment, which maintain the reactor at a constant temperature during operation and at shutdown.

The elements known as safety barriers are three sequential shields that prevent radioactive products from being released to the outside. The first barrier is the cladding that houses the fuel; the second barrier is the actual reactor vessel; and the third barrier is the containment building, a very thick reinforced concrete structure, internally lined in steel.

Integrated safety must be taken into account in all activities that take place at the plant within the operation, maintenance, inspection or surveillance of the facility: procedures, technical specifications, radiological protection, personnel training… For this reason, Safety Culture, Quality Assurance, Self-assessment, Operating Experience and Continuous Improvement programmes are employed in managing Ascó and Vandellós II.

The Ascó and Vandellós II sites comply with the requirements of the Spanish regulations and of international standards, which means the plants are internationally certified. Furthermore, according to a requirement of the Operating Permit granted by the Ministry for Industry, Energy and Tourism (after a report by the Nuclear Safety Council), both plants must analyse the applicability of any new regulations that may appear after the commissioning of the plants. All these regulations respond to international criteria, endorsed by the International Atomic Energy Agency, a body that reports to the United Nations. Strict compliance with the regulations is verified by the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), an independent body that reports to the Spanish Parliament. The plants exchange information with them and the CSN carries out inspections using their own personnel located at the facilities.

In relation to Royal Decree 586/2020, of June 23, regarding mandatory information in the event of a nuclear or radiological emergency, some public information of relevance to the entire population in the event of a nuclear emergency is linked below:

Prior information for nearby population – Nuclear emergency

Information on protection measures

Off-site Nuclear Emergency Plan for the Ascó and Vandellós Nuclear Power Plants


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¿Cómo queda confinada la radioactividad en una central nuclear?
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¿Cómo queda confinada la radioactividad en una central nuclear?

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