Sustainability, a strategic challenge

We respect our environment, because we are deeply respectful of what we do. ANAV’s commitment to the environment does not stop with complying with the regulations. It is effective at all levels of the organisational culture.

Sustainability is a strategic challenge for the company: it motivates us to continuously upgrade our facilities and it helps us to progressively increase the efficiency level of our plants.

Experts have been warning about the effects of climate change for years and at ANAV we think that our plants can be part of the necessary global response, as they do not emit greenhouse gases. Society looks to the future and demands reliable technology, and the nuclear industry will continue to be just that, as long as it is safe. For this reason, our greatest priority is preventing a radiological impact on humans and the environment.


ANAV Plants’ Environmental Radiological Surveillance Programme (PVRA) ensures the best environmental safety conditions and environmental radiological levels are achieved both within the perimeter of the facilities and in the surrounding areas. Thus, according to a protocol agreed with the authorities, dust particles, air, rain water, soil, drinking water, underground water, sediments, as well as goat and sheep milk, crops, meat, birds, eggs and fish are routinely analysed in order to certify that the activity of the nuclear power plants is not altering the values of the radiological parameters in the areas where the plants are located.

The samples and analyses from the PVRA are annually audited by the Catalan Government, at the request of the Nuclear Safety Council.

Ascó and Vandellós II strictly control all types of activities that may have a significant impact on the environment by means of the Environmental Management System (SIGEMA). The performance indicators are periodically analysed and the conclusions drawn enable decisions to be made, new objectives to be set and investments to be made to advance towards our sustainability targets. None of this could be performed without raising the awareness of the personnel, who receive specific training.


“The commitment to the environment motivates us to continuously upgrade our facilities”

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