Excellence as standard

Energy plays a crucial role in our day-to-day life and the access we have to energy has a direct impact on aspects such as economic development and our quality of life.

Out of all the known technologies, nuclear power is a reference in the developed world because it is a reliable source of power, that operates to the highest standards of safety, is environmentally-friendly and does not emit greenhouse gases. The Ascó and Vandellós II nuclear power plants are representative of these values.

Reliability and technological availability currently point to nuclear power as the main source of electricity generation in Spain. However, for ANAV (Asociación Nuclear Ascó Vandellós II), an economic interest grouping formed by Endesa Generación and Iberdrola Generación, the industrial responsibility goes beyond the robustness of the supply.

“By being demanding we will make a better future for all”


At ANAV we know that our facilities imply having a high level of commitment to society. For this reason, our working culture prioritises safety principles, continuous improvement, transparency and respect for the environment.

We respond to all this with knowledge, with operating experience. Improving every day, training our employees, promoting team work and efficiency, and carrying out a process of continuous technological innovation. Because we are aware that only by being demanding, will we be able to make a better future for all.


To operate the Ascó and Vandellós II Nuclear Power Plants in the long term in a safe, reliable and sustainable manner, thereby contributing in the fight against global warming.


A cohesive team of professionals, fully committed to safety culture and pursuing excellence through continuous learning and improvement.


  • Safety is paramount… If you have to choose, choose what is safe. Safety comes before everything else.
  • Integrity…We do what we say.
  • Our words and actions are coherent. Sincerity and honesty are the basis of our credibility.
  • Respect for people… Is the basis for working together in harmony.
  • We respect and support one another.
  • Team spirit.. When we work together, we all benefit.
  • We work as a team: sharing experiences, seeking options and proposing improvements.
  • Professional commitment… Count on me.
  • We can count on one another to reach agreements and we comply with our commitments. We ask for help when needed and we are always ready to help others when they need it.
  • Eagerness to improve…We can always improve.
  • We are committed to learning and to personal development.